About Us

The VORTAB Company is a manufacturer of flow conditioners used to create a swirl-free, repeatable velocity profile regardless of upstream flow disturbances.

For higher accuracy on flow meters, more efficient operation and longer life on pumps, and the lowest pressure drop of any proven conditioning technology, the process control industry relies on VORTAB® and Vortab Elbow™ flow conditioners.

These economical flow and process conditioners reduce straight run piping requirements for flow meters, pumps, compressors, and other critical process equipment while maintaining the lowest pressure drop available with their non-clogging industrial design.

VORTAB and Vortab Elbow flow and process conditioners eliminate anomalies associated with swirl and velocity profile distortion due to non-ideal piping configurations. It can take up to 145 pipe diameters of unobstructed straight run to eliminate both swirl and velocity profile distortion. VORTAB and Vortab Elbow flow and process conditioners isolate flow disturbances and create a swirl-free, symmetric, and repeatable velocity profile in just a few pipe diameters.

Flow meter accuracy:

Ideally, flow meters factory calibrated in a controlled environment with VORTAB or Vortab Elbow flow conditioners benefit with the highest accuracy improvement. However, if the conditioner were installed after the meter is installed, accuracy would still improve over installations where the conditioner is absent. The VORTAB Company maintains a multimillion-dollar test and calibration laboratory and has the capability to calibrate a variety of flow metering technologies with our flow conditioners as a matched set.

Critical process equipment:

Most pumps, compressors, and control valves require sufficient upstream straight run. Vortab Elbow 90° elbow flow conditioners can eliminate 100% of upstream piping requirements and reduce severe suction, recirculation, cavitation, excessive bearing wear, erosion, noise, plus maintenance costs

The method of the technology:

Swirl reduction and velocity profile correction occur naturally in long lengths of straight pipe due to diffusion and turbulent mixing. VORTAB’s anti-swirl and inclined vortex generating profile correction tabs generate vortices that accelerate and amplify these natural pipe effects and reduce the required distances of upstream straight run.

Vortab Elbow 90° elbow flow conditioners use the same proven tab type flow conditioning technology in an elbow. Flow meters can now be positioned within three to four pipe diameters downstream from the exit of the Vortab Elbow. For process equipment such as pumps and compressors, the Vortab Elbow can be installed directly to the inlet, completely eliminating upstream piping requirements.

VORTAB Company’s flow conditioners benefit from the lowest pressure drop of any other commercially available flow conditioner and are immune to fouling and clogging.