Company History

Originated in the Engineering department of Leheigh University, the VORTAB Flow Conditioner was originally designed as a non-clogging, low-pressure drop static mixer.

The vortex generating profile conditioning tabs have the ability to cross mix the entire flow stream, regardless of upstream flow disturbances or velocity profile distortion. Due to the vigorous cross mixing of the flow stream, the velocity profile exiting the VORTAB® is “flat” over the majority of the flow stream and tapered off near the conduits walls.

Flow conditioning upstream from flow meters to ensure accuracy and repeatability while greatly reducing installation requirements were obvious new applications for this technology. To eliminate flow meter anomalies induced by swirl in the flow stream, anti-swirl vanes were incorporated into the design.

The final VORTAB design is a three pipe diameter long flow conditioner which consists of eight anti-swirl vanes located at the immediate inlet and three rows of four symmetrically aligned profile conditioning tabs. The tapered design eliminates clogging and buildup on the backside of the profile conditioning tabs. Debris buildup is non-existent due to the pressure differential between the upstream and downstream sides of the profile conditioning tabs. The final Vortab Elbow 90° elbow design incorporates the same proven tab type technology to remove swirl and velocity profile distortion. The rugged design and wide range of product offerings support the installation of VORTABs and Vortab Elbows in many installations.