Engineering Support

Engineering Design Support

  • Application specific drawing support provides detailed outline installation drawings and, if required, can incorporate into an application specified piping system.
  • Non-Standard configuration adaptability supports the modification of our standard products to allow for alternate materials, sizes, process connections, additional equipment fabricated into our spool pieces, etc.
  • Pre-installation Site Evaluation identifies and avoids potential problems that may affect the instrumentation used downstream from flow conditioners.
  • Installation Assistance utilizes an experienced VORTAB representative to help you properly integrate our flow conditioners into your process.
  • Application Evaluation helps you evaluate your application requirements in an effort to identify possible problems and ensure a successful installation.

Engineering Quality Support

  • Service Training utilizes VORTAB factory-trained and certified instructors to provide your personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary for the proper selection and installation of flow conditioners.
  • Calculations and Analysis of performance improvements establish product mechanical integrity.
  • Welding Certifications and procedures are available for all processes used in the fabrication of completed assemblies
  • Non destructive Examination capabilities are available and include radiographic, ultrasonic, liquid dye penetrant, mag-partical, and hydrostatic pressure testing

Engineering Calibration Support

  • VORTAB Company’s flow calibration lab is suitable for R&D, flow meter calibration, and other customer specific testing protocols.

Vortab and Fluid Components International (FCI) work in partnership for sales and service support.

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