Flow Calibration

The VORTAB Company’s Calibration Facilities are recognized across the process control industry for precision calibration services. Many flow meter technologies benefit from VORTAB Flow Conditioning and validation of performance improvement is established in our NIST traceable flow lab. Calibrations with DP, Turbine, Thermal Dispersion and other flow measurement technologies are available on site at the VORTAB Factory so critical delivery windows are managed in house.

Certified Calibrations: Computer generated and electronically stored calibration documents describe specific instrument details, process conditions, calibration fluid, line size and other relevant calibration specifics for each calibration performed.

Automated Calibrations: Automated data collection on test stands enables faster turnaround times on calibrations.

On-line Calibration Document Retrieval: 24/7 instantaneous document access enables calibration information downloads any time of day from any place in the world to improve customer service response time.

Failsafe Calibrations: Automated data collection provides all inputs for real time calculation of pressure, temperature and mass flow. If any of the signals or corresponding digital calculations fall outside the limits retrieved from the database, calibration is stopped until corrected.

Field Calibration: Where extreme or challenging installation conditions exist. The VORTAB Company provides reliable in situ calibration services with highly qualified field calibration engineers. For customers who are mandated to perform annual calibration validations, VORTAB features mobile audit and certification services designed to meet customer compliance cycles.

Applications: VORTAB Companies calibration facility features ever improving flow measurement capabilities. The VORTAB Company is unique in its ability to perform calibrations in a wide range of gases, gas mixtures, liquids, temperatures, pressures, line sizes and process connections. The VORTAB Company understands that calibrations performed in conditions that closely match actual customer applications will benefit flow meter accuracy over others where calibrations use equivalency calculations. Therefore The VORTAB Company continuously expands its flow lab capabilities to closely match customer applications.