Principles of operation

VORTAB® and Vortab Elbow™ Flow Conditioners uniquely combine proven swirl removal technology with the patented vortice generating profile correction tabs to achieve the most thorough and efficient flow conditioning available. Each of the five available flow conditioner configurations consists of swirl reduction tabs combined with multiple arrays of vortice generating profile conditioning tabs.

This design produces:

  • Rapid cross-steam mixing.
  • Swirl-free, symmetric velocity profiles.
  • Flow profiles repeatable across a broad flow range.

Equally important, VORTAB and Vortab Elbow Flow Conditioners feature a patented low pressure loss design. Non-recoverable pressure loss can reduce maximum flow capability in process lines, creating process inefficiencies and requiring greater energy expenditures to move process liquids and gases. Perforated plates, tube bundles, screens and other flow conditioning technologies produce a much greater pressure loss than VORTAB and Vortab Elbow Flow Conditioners and, unlike VORTAB and Vortab Elbow Flow Conditioners, are subject to clogging or fouling in industrial applications.

VORTAB Companies patented technology provides unmatched performance with little pressure loss and creates a swirl-free, conditioned flow profile. This tab-type technology is ideal for critical process equipment including flowmeter installations, pumps, compressors, control valves and others.

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