VIS - VORTAB Insertion Sleeve Flow Conditioner

The VORTAB Insertion Sleeve Flow Conditioner (model VIS) is the most cost-effective version of the VORTAB flow conditioning products. The VIS can be installed directly into existing pipe or specially designed round, square or rectangular ducts.

Two simple mounting techniques include welding into the conduit (link to drawings VISOUTLN & V00482-2) or we offer a retaining wafer, which can be sandwiched between flanges to secure in place (link to drawings VISOUTFL V00483-4). The retaining wafers diameter matches the raised face of a standard ANSII #150 or #300 class flange. The retaining wafer can be located at either the inlet, outlet, or anywhere in between. A settling distance downstream from the VIS of three to four pipe diameters in length, allows the turbulence intensity to decrease while maintaining the repeatable velocity profile. This provides an optimal flow scenario for flow meters of all technologies. VORTAB flow conditioners provide the lowest pressure loss solutions to flow profile irregularities caused by elbows, valves, blowers, compressors and other disruptions that commonly occur in piping and duct runs.

NOTE: This link is replaced with the two drawings above or makes a new drawing to show the VIS mounted with retaining wafer via flanges.


  • Piping with inadequate straight runs
  • Flow conditioning for calibration and/or test benches and flow meters
  • Temperature and pressure stratification
  • Processes that require repeatable, symmetric and swirl-free velocity flow profiles
  • Process conditioning for control valves, blowers, compressors, burners and other critical process equipment


Process Media:

  • Gases, liquids, slurries, and particulate mixes such as pulverized coal and air

Materials of Construction:

  • 316L stainless steel: 0.87″ and larger
  • Carbon steel: 4.51″ and larger
  • Hastelloy C: 0.87″ and larger

Pipe or Duct Process Connection:

  • Field welded in place
  • Retaining wafer

Flow Conditioner Length:

  • Approximately 3 pipe diameters although upstream and/or downstream extensions can be added. Consult factory for modifications

For any other required options or special features not listed above: Contact VORTAB Company