Quality Assurance

VORTAB Companies Quality Assurance System has been reviewed, audited and approved by numerous commercial, military aircraft, space vehicle and marine contractors. Following this system provides the highest quality products, while consistently meeting the quality goals of our customers.

The VORTAB Companies Quality Assurance System is documented in
Quality Assurance Manual.

The VORTAB Companies has developed and implemented this quality management system, based on the ISO9001/ AS9000/AS9100 standard, the Quality System Requirements of 10 CFR50 Appendix B, ANSI N45.2-1977, MIL-I-45208A, 14CFR21.303h and the basic Quality System Requirements of ANSI NQA-1 1997 edition to support our quality policy. The Manual defines the quality management system procedures and work instructions provide the additional detail. Procedures address the “what, when and where” and include responsibilities, objectives, and activities for each applicable function in the company. Work instructions provide step-by-step details on performing specific tasks, and include criteria for determining compliance.

Customer specific requirements, which are not addressed by the current quality system, are considered on an individual project/contract/order basis, and communicated throughout the organization as required.

The Quality Assurance system has been developed to accommodate different levels of quality management as required by the different requirements of VORTAB’s customers. The level of quality management to be applied to a specific project/contract/order is set at contract review and is suitably identified thereafter. One of the these quality management levels is specific to VORTAB’s Aerospace Customers and is defined as follows:

Aerospace Projects: These projects include all Aerospace identified projects. These types of projects/contracts/orders adhere to all the requirements of ISO 9001, AS 9000/AS 9001, and the Quality System Requirements of MIL-I-45208A and 14CFR21.303h as defined in Section Two. These projects/contracts/orders and all associated data and documentation have the unique identification of “Aerospace Controlled”.